Windshield Repairs

Act before damage spreads, Guaranteed NOT to Spread or Your Money Back!                              

Why Should You Repair Your Windshield NOW?

  1. Prevents chips & cracks from spreading
  2. Restores safety & structural integrity
  3. Improves clarity & cosmetics 25 – 50%
  4. Saves you money over replacing
  5. Can often be done free of charge
    (depending on your comprehensive insurance coverage)
  6. Saves landfill sites from windshields which cannot be recycled.
  • Saves time – repairs can be done in about 30 – 45 minutes
  • No leakage problems or cosmetic paint damage since the windshield is not removed, the seal is left intact

Automotive Glass Replacement

CSN – HUTTEN can help with any damaged or broken glass on your vehicle.

We can replace any piece of glass on any make or model of vehicle and our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own or operate the vehicle.

We Use High Quality Glass – North American Glass (OEM Standard) which is tempered harder for chip and sand pitting resistance. There are many different qualities of auto glass in the marketplace. We use Original Equipment Manufacturer quality glass in all our replacements.
We Do Full Cut Out of all old adhesives (Manufacturers specified replacement procedure). Not all auto glass shops follow this procedure.

We Use high quality urethane for OEM and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard strength & safety requirements. Chemical Cure for fast, safe drive-away time. We Offer One Hour safe drive-away time.


Your Windshield Saves Your Life In 3 Important Ways:

  1. The windshield prevents you from being ejected from the vehicle.
  2. The passenger side air bag deploys against the windshield – using it as a backboard.
  3. The windshield helps prevent the roof from crushing you in a roll-over accident.